Mineral Rights Owners
Are At A Disadvantage

Royalty Guardian℠ levels the playing field, helping oil & gas royalty owners get paid what they’re due by operators under the terms of their leases.

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“Royalty Guardian is an royalty auditing &  monitoring platform committed to providing much needed market transparency for the benefit of oil & gas royalty owners.

In an industry where lack of clarity prevails, our work and  insight  cuts through the confusion and provides you with actionable data to help you Keep What Is Yours℠.

Behind the scenes, each and every client engagement is a well coordinated mission orchestrated by a team of oil & gas experts,  economists & data scientists.”

 – Scott & Pablo, Founders


Royalty Audits

Recalculating amounts due to royalty owners and documenting discrepancies is a complex and data intensive  challenge.

We leverage artificial intelligence and deep subject matter expertise, to deliver actionable data in a matter of days and prices that will not break the bank.

Royalty Monitoring

Staying on top of your mineral right’s financial performance has never been easier.

We offer the industry’s only subscription-based, real-time royalty monitoring & auditing service. Know exactly when you are being underpaid or charged an inappropriate deduction.

Our Mission & Guiding Principles

 At Royalty Guardian, our mission is to help mineral right owners overcome FEAR (“am I getting everything I am  due?”), UNCERTAINTY (“what data should I use and where do I get it?) & DOUBT (“will I have the  time or expertise to do understand and solve this problem?”)


Oil & Fas royalty protectors. Services delivered based on old fashioned trust, investment smarts and cutting edge AI technology.

Scott Brinkman
Scott BrinkmanFounder + CEO
Pablo Bressan
Pablo BressanHead of Ops
Lucas Bressan
Lucas BressanAdvisor
Maria Kopyta
Maria KopytaAdvisor